NEW FRIENDS... Get to know Yummies – deliciously colourful aliens.


Each of them must get to their capsule. Sometimes reaching your goal needs patience, and sometimes it's enough to do a bit of thinking and plan a few moves ahead.
Watch out for the spaces which rotate either to the left or to the right, teleports, force fields or spaces which change the rotating direction, blockades and other surprises. And remember that it's always worth gathering stars.
Don't waste time reading – get to work!


  • 5 planets: White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red
  • 150 stages with different levels of difficulty
  • 150 stars to collect
  • possibility of using a hint mode
  • original game mechanics
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • fun for gamers of all ages and abilities
  • beautiful graphics supported by Retina Display
  • universal app – plays great on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • free updates!

Reviews and comments:

  • Appliv(アプリヴ) -iPhoneアプリが探せる、見つかる Our app was introduced in Appliv. 宇宙人が主役のちょっと可愛くてちょっと奇妙な世界を堪能してみてはいかがでしょうか。- Appliv.jp
  • "Das in einer hübschen Comic-Grafik ... bietet einen einfachen Einstieg und führt nach und nach immer mehr Objekte ein, die das Spiel interessanter machen." - Appgefahren.de
  • "...It's an extremely cerebral experience that's softened by a phenomenal visual presentation, right down to the grinning little aliens you'll be helping out...Yummies is a solid puzzle game with an even level of challenge and a great sense of style..." - http://jayisgames.com

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